Sunday, April 1, 2012

25 weeks!!

I am now 25 weeks!!!!!...and baby is size of an case your like me and not 100 % sure what that's a type of "botanical" fruit found in the produce section at your local grocery store...that looks like this   . I got that information off of a pregnancy website. It's pretty unbelievable that baby John is already that size. I saw one today while me and Nick were out grocery shopping. It's a pretty big piece of fruit. I was tempted to pick it up and place in on top of my belly to visualize how he measured in side of there. I knew he had to be somewhat bigger compared to a few weeks ago when he was the size of an onion, because he sure is kicking up a storm and I have even felt him wiggle his way under my right rib at night time once or twice! 

Everything is pretty going smoothly except for some of the hormones I have been experiencing and the massive acid reflux and indigestion I have been having. OUCH!!! I have never had that before pregnancy so I've been getting my first dose of it with in the past week or so. No fun....keeps me up all night and making me have a sour stomach and feel nausea too. Everyone keeps telling me "ohhh that means baby John will come out with a head full of hair." Lol...I couldn't help to think of an eggplant with a little black wig on top when they say that. Too funny! But I know with all the acid reflux...sour stomach and nausea that I have been feeling lately it will be so worth it when he is finally in our arms. The hormones and mood swings can attack at any given moment. I got teary eyed at a Downy fabric softner commercial a few weeks ago....something with the music in the background and the fluffly little bear falling was just so precious to I also have noticed that things that hardly ever bothered me before pregnancy or things that I was passionate about before has been now amplified by 10. Hince, I have pulled the plug on my facebook page for a while. On top of being on it 24/7 and noticing that it was becoming a first priority in my life...Nick also noticed that I was just a little too emotional to handle social media at this point with the way my hormones have been playing out. He trips me out...because he knows me so well...and the fact that even though I am having a psycho factor right now he still loves me . So thankful for that not have any clue what I would do without him and the Lord's guidance in my life. I have recently heard carrying girl babies gives you much more of a boost of estrogen your once crazy pregnancy hormones might be 20 times worse. Whew...if that is in fact true I am just so grateful this is all that I am experiencing now with carrying baby John. AHHHH....only 3 more months left...but I am loving every single minute of pregnancy and wouldn't trade any sour stomach, morning sickness, back ache, nausea, sleepless nights, over heating, crazy hormonal  mood swings for just have to apologize along the way to a bunch of people.

We finally started painting the nursery last weekend. Finished up most of the painting last night except for a few touch up spots. We went with a pretty pastel blue color. I will definitely have to upload and send out pics to everyone once we get a little more progress going. I have been going through a bit of a nesting stage recently. Last week I felt the undying urge to completely organize and clean out our entire closet. I spent about 3 or 4 hours vacuuming the baseboards, putting winter clothes away, making a good will pile, putting away pre pregnancy clothes, organizing our shoes and hanging clothes up by long sleeves, short sleeve etc. I next want to tackle organizing every cabinet in our house too. I have heard of mothers going through nesting right before baby comes. It's like they get a huge burst of energy and they want to clean, organize, prep, and baby proof their home. I had one friend that completely felt like she needed to disinfect her entire house top to bottom before baby came. Cleaning and wiping away in nooks and crannies of her house on her hands in knees that she never even knew existed before. She said she did it every week until her water broke. She just wanted it to be super de-duper clean. Now...I haven't gotten to that point yet, but in away I totally understand her urges. 

I don't think Charlie has noticed anything yet. They say dogs can sense when their female owner is pregnant. Either he is too young to sense that or he does sense it and has a good way of hiding it. He will be 1 year old on the 11th of April. He is such a sweet, good dog. I had a ton of people ask me how do I think he will do once baby comes. I honestly think he will be great. Of course he will not have our full undivided attention anymore, but we will be sure to try and include him as much as possible. I think he will have no problem adjusting. Someone mentioned buying a baby doll to get him use to a baby or even bringing home one of baby John's blankets from hospital and exposing him to baby John's scent beforehand. Sounds too complicated to me. I think he will do just hope I don't eat my words. Just kidding. I am sure he will do great!

I have been craving everything under the sun, like crazy, that has got to be quite possibly the worst thing to eat while pregnant. I had picked up a box of sour patch kids candy (little bit size gummies that are sour on the outside) while at Target the other day. I can remember opening the box and taking a couple little bites out of it while I was walking around the store. I got up to the cash register and placed my items on top of the counter and the cashier picks up the box and goes "ma'am...ummm did you know these are empty?!" LOL....I turned beat red, and said "oh gosh...I ate the whole box before I got up here!" Everyone behind me in line just chuckled...and one person even said "looks like baby wanted those things pretty bad", I usually can only eat a handful of sour patch kids then I start to feel full and a little sick, but honestly I probably could of ate another whole box of them. I go to doctor in a couple weeks for my Gestational Diabetes screening. Yikes..I'm so nervous. I think I am going to talk to my doctor about my compulsive eating habits and maybe he can offer up suggestions. Praying baby is still happy and healthy...bless his heart...momma feeding him all kinds of craziness...I'll have to apologize when he gets here. I am sure he will just be happy to be in our arms safe and sound.

I can't believe he will be here in less than 3 months. So thankful for his little life God has truly blessed us with. So excited to see Nick as a father, and experience motherhood for the first time. It truly is a gift from the Lord!!!