Sunday, August 19, 2012

He's here!!!!

John Nicholas Travaglini
Born July 17th 2012
@ 9:52 pm
7 lbs 2 oz 21 inches

Our long awaited little miracle is finally here and has graced our world with his presence!! The last 5 weeks have been beautifully exhausting. John was delivered via c-section so the first couple weeks at home I was amped up on pain killers on top of being sleep deprived, hormonal and just an all round new mother...I felt like a walking zombie. But, my incision from surgery  for the most part has healed, my body has gotten use to the crazy sleep schedule and being a mother is starting to come much more natural. I so love being a mother and discovering the world of parenting with Nick. I know it only gets better and I am over the moon excited to see this little life grow up to be the man he becomes and the plans God has for him. I still sometimes am in shock and complete awe when I look at his beautiful face. I can't believe he is ours...and this is real. God has been so good and faithful to us. Just a year ago on Johns birthday (July 17th) is the day I actually miscarried for the second time...and now exactly a year later I gave birth to John on that day. This was all a God thing hands down. Only God could orchestrate timing like that. For He foreknew John would be born just a year later. That is truly a miracle.The Lord was giving us back what was taken from us and most of all He was showing me that He is yet again in control. We are so ever thankful and feel blessed beyond measure that John is here, happy, healthy and safe in our arms...couldn't ask for more. What a mighty God we serve.

So here is a little update on how John has been doing so far.

Eating: He eats every 2 to 3 hours. Sometimes if we are out running errands and he is in car seat for a period of time he can go to a 4 hour stretch. When he eats...he makes all sorts of noises...which is totally adorable. He does have a pretty strong suction though and can chomp down a 4 oz bottle in minutes. I did breastfeed John exclusively in the hospital and for the first week home. So for about 2 weeks straight he was breast fed. I then introduced formula at night because I was getting worried about falling asleep while breastfeeding him and had a few scares with actually doing that. Then I think the formula got to be a whole lot easier and more of a convenience while out and about that breastfeeding has pretty much tapered off with him. But, I am thankful that he got the bulk of nutrients right after birth with the colostrum and that I got to have a ton of bonding time with him too. Breast feeding is a natural way to feed, but it can be exhausting. I recommend it though for every new least try it!

Sleeping: Like any baby he sleeps and eats. The first 3 weeks home I was just trying to survive with being sleep deprived myself and adjusting to his sleeping schedule. But, now that he is going on 5 weeks...I have been trying to keep him up a little bit more during the day so he can increase the number of hours he sleeps at night. So far so good!

Weight: The day he left the hospital he dropped down to 6lbs 8 oz. At his first doctors appointment, a week after he was born, he was up to 6 lbs 11 oz . Then exactly a week later he was 7lbs 14 oz! Little man must of hit a growth spurt. He heads to the doctor tomorrow for his one month check up so I am anxious to see how much he has grown in 5 weeks!

Looks/Features: Well...he came out with a head full of hair! Wasn't surprised...because I had horrible indigestion and acid I knew he would have a ton of something up on that cute little head of  his. He also has the cutest button nose! He has full lips and round bluish eyes...everyone says he looks like Daddy, but I swany sometimes I can see me as a baby in him from looking back at my baby pictures. But, I know he is going to have my personality anyways so at least he will have something to remind me and everyone of mommy -he just makes the funniest facial expressions that seem a bit over dramatic...can't wait to laugh and cut up with him.  He has long fingers and short stubby toes with the second toe being longer than the first big toe...which I will have to investigate and find out who in our family has toes like that...because mine and Nicks are not like that all. I will be interested to see who the culprit its really adorable though! He also has a receding hair line which donned him the name "Benji Butt" lol. There is this movie about a boy named "Benjamin Button" (Brad Pitt plays the character) that was born with a disease that made him old...and as he ages he actually gets younger. Little John sometimes looks like an old man with receding hair line and certain facial expressions he makes. I just love to kiss his nose and cheeks when he makes them! little Benji Butt!!!

Extras: Some other things that have happened is that he graduated from new born diapers to size 1 and he is already in 0-3 month clothing in some stuff. So most of his new born clothes I have already had to put up. It was so bitter sweet. I am excited for him to grow, but sad because I know I will never get that back again. I am looking forward to laughing and communicating with him. I know my heart will just melt the day he locks eyes at me and just grins and not because he is passing gas, but because he is happy at what he see's! He also loves his bouncer and his swing and it actually seems like his is listening at times when I read or sing to him. I have tried to introduce him to Charlie on several occasions. He hasn't really noticed him yet...but can't wait till he does! I am eager to see what he thinks!

John all around is such a good baby. He only gets fussy or cries when he is hungry or has bad gas. At first he didn't like baths or having his diaper changed, but every day he was home he got more and more use to it...and now he just coo's and ahh's as his diaper is being changed. He also makes the cutest, but weirdest noises all the time. Nick calls him "Little Noise-Maker". It sort of sounds like a gurgling, grunting noise. He does it when he eats, when he sleeps, when he is awake etc. Pediatrician said that it was him trying to be vocal already.  Such a smart boy he is. Actually he really 2 1/2 weeks he rolled over on his back from being on his belly. We couldn't believe it! We thought since the summer Olympics were on he was inspired, but maybe he is just a fast learner. He loves to cuddle and loves to sleep on my chest while face down on his stomach. I love seeing his many facial expressions when he is waking up. Especially, when he sticks his little tongue out and keeps it there for a minute. I just want to eat not really, but you know what I mean. He also does a really good "Popeye" impression. We will catch him with one eye opened. He has done that since day one in the hospital. It makes us laugh every time. He is already a character (she he has mommy's crazy personality already...I'm honored). He smiles and sometimes giggles in his sleep and we have snapped some pretty awesome pictures and filmed it a couple times already. The pediatrician also said that is a sign he is content and at peace! Awww that made my heart so happy to hear that!

Well...I can sense John is waking up for his next feeding so I must go for now. I will have to post his birth story in the next blog post that I write. Wow...his birth story?!?! Time flies!! Months ago I was writing his conception story...before I know it he will be graduating high school!!!!!!!!

                                       I love my little man! Thank you Jesus for his precious life.