Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A (Fairly Lame) Ode to Mothers

Since becoming a mother of my own there have been so many times I have found myself comparing my mothering style to another. I have second guessed my own motherly instinct and at times beat myself up because I felt like I couldn't match up to how mother Tina or Rachel (random names) handled birthing, feeding or raising their kids. At times in my attempts to adopt another mothering style...I have wound up flustered, frustrated and feeling inadequate when I tried and failed at cloth diapering, all organic baby food, strictly breastfeeding, and the list goes on. But I have come to realize that, all of that is just not for me and that is ok! Because all of us mothers differ in our on convictions and how we want to raise our kids! Although we differ on many issues, the bottom line as mothers is our common goal should be to raise Godly men and women and to teach them about love, respect, and truth. We are all in this together!  I love this poem I found from a online book devotional "Step Out of the Spin Cycle" written by Jen Hatmaker. It's hilarious, and so true. It takes the thoughts, feelings and words that I so could not convey myself right out of my mind and heart. For all mothers everywhere...regardless of how you mother...this is for you! Enjoy :)

A (Fairly Lame) Ode to Mothers

An ode to the marvelous woman called “Mother”
Though not one of us is exactly like another.
From the second we’re born to the minute we die
Our preferences are as limitless as stars in the sky.

We might have been perfectly gracious before
But childbirth entered us in the Mommy War.
Rather than letting everyone else be
We criticize parenting that isn't exactly like . . . me.

So once and for all let me put this to rest
None of us owns the title of “best.”
Natural childbirth does not make you a hippy
Epidurals are not just for women who want to feel trippy.

In a bathtub with a doula or in a hospital bed
We all got a baby with limbs and a head.
Nursing is great if nothing goes wrong
But some nipples turn inward and refuse to play along.

This is a choice for each mom–it’s her route
So it’s just A + B and everyone else can C their way out.
Schedules and timers do not make you cruel
Feeding on demand does not make you a fool.

In the nursery with a monitor or in the family bed
Every chick gets to pick where her baby lays his head.
If I see one more mom roll her eyes at “organic . . .”
“Partially hydrogenated” throws some of us into panic.
But neither judge Sonic burgers and fries 
Some of us just want to enjoy food before we die. 

Preschool, home school, public, or Montessori
Listen, my friends, and I’ll tell you a story:
Two moms differed on favorite school trends
Their kids turned out pretty much the same. The end. 

If a girl gets the title of “mom” accidentally
The worst thing we can do is treat her judgmentally.
How about some love, some help, some advice?
She needs our love and we shouldn't think twice. 

Discipline through various methods will prevail
Look, we’re all just trying to keep our kids out of jail.
These things are just preferences, not right or wrong
What matters more is teaching our kids to get along– 

To love and to share, to speak gently and kind,
To obey so that mom won’t go out of her mind.
Showing them Jesus is our common ground
Teaching them how he can always be found. 
He’s present in public school and Waldorf (so trendy)
He’s over at Whole Foods but also at Wendy’s.
Jesus never cared about these sorts of things
It’s our hearts that he wants and the worship we bring. 

It’s time for us moms to declare a truce
Regardless if we buy Capri Sun or 100 percent juice.
My way is not your way, and your way isn't mine
But both of our kids will turn out just fine. 

Rather than judging and looking down our noses
Let’s enjoy the common ground motherhood poses.
As believers, we all love the same good Lord
We all have children who tell us “I’m bored.” 

We all need more sleep than these tiny five hours
Most of us struggle to find time for a shower.
We haven’t been to the bathroom alone in an age
Our mothers have all told us, “Relax, this is just a stage.” 

We all love our babies so much we could die
We’d take a bullet for each one without batting an eye.

Though we are different, we’re in the same tribe
Motherhood requires a similar vibe–
Love and affection, sacrifice and grace
Laughter, which keeps the whole mechanism in place.
Though different, by the grace of God, I suspect:
ALL our children will rise up and call us ... collect.

-Jen Hatmaker

She looks well to how things go in her household. ... Her children rise up and call her blessed.  -Proverbs 31:27—28 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The one about Women and Mothers.

I recently had the pleasure of following two mother's with two different pregnancy stories. One is a mother who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first sweet baby any day now. The other mother has recently learned she was pregnant after suffering such a devastating loss of her child in utero months before. I find myself in complete admiration of the beauty and strength of them both, and I also find myself right in the middle sharing in the joy and fear of their two stories. Because I have lived them both. I too have been that mother who was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first baby at any day, and I too have been the mother who through fear learned that she was pregnant again after suffering a miscarriage months before. 

As I sit here thinking about their two miracle stories...I can't help but think about God's joy and love. How good and faithful He is. How He shows favor, and how unbelievably strong and beautiful he has made the spirit and the body of a woman and mother. The body of a woman is so powerful and strong. She can carry and birth life into this world through near death like pain. It is said that the the agony and pain of child birthing is one that not even a man was built to withstand, but a woman was made for it. She will bare children, experience the trauma through birth, and then go on to want to conceive again. She is strong and brave. Furthermore, the spirit of a mother never ceases. Her hope never runs out. Her will and determination to mother and protect never comes to an end. She constantly presses onward. She is blessed, beautiful and loved.

So I sit here thinking about that excited new mother who is anxiously awaiting her babies arrival, and how she is also awaiting near death like pain. This soon to be mother is getting ready to experience the worst pain possible and unimaginable. Still, her spirit and will presses onward. For her pain she will endure is completely overshadowed by the overwhelming joy and love she will feel in knowing that at the end the result is a beautifully  fashioned miracle from God. He gives joy!

Woman, you are brave.

I begin to think about the fearful and delicate heart of the mother who just learned she was pregnant again after a miscarriage. My heart sympathizes with her because I too have shared this same journey. I know the grief, the loss and the pain that comes with having your own flesh and blood ripped from your most sacred place, and then somehow trying to trust God again in the midst of it all. She however, still presses on. Her spirit does not give out nor does her hope. She she is afraid, and terrified to carry another child, but as tender and broken as she is she wants to try and conceive again...and so she does. God is good! She too will go through that same immense and intense amount of pain months ahead, but that is not even a thought, nor is it a care. For she knows that her end result will be the long awaited and prayed for miracle that she never got to meet, to love on or to hold. 

Mother, you are blessed.

I then think about the women that I know that have tried for months, and years to conceive. I have listened to the disappointment in their voice when the words, "not this month", have fell from her lips. I have also seen the look of frustration, worry, confusion, and sadness come over her when her menses shows up or the two pink lines didn't make it on the test strip once again. But, her flame does not go out, neither does her determination and spirit give up to have a child. So again, her and her husband keep trying and her will keeps pressing on. God is faithful.

Woman, you are strong.

I find myself thinking about the mothers who can not have children at all. For whatever reason their bodies just will not conceive or carry. I know in the back of their minds and heart sometimes guilt and burdens may try to creep up in them knowing they could never pro-create or carry life...but little do they truly know they are the true angels on this earth. I, like so many others, praise God for them because these are the mothers who have the beauty, grace, will and desire to press on and adopt the precious little ones who are left here on this earth without a mother or a home. God has shown great favor on you...more than you can fathom.

Mother, you are so beautiful.

I go on to think about those mothers that had the complete honor of carrying their little one for a few months to 9 months in the womb. To having the joy of naming them and the excitement that comes with decorating the nursery...then on to celebrating the arrival of their sweet one at their shower, only to experience birthing them and then a sudden loss and devastation that leaves them holding him or her just for a little while. I know they understand more than anyone how precious life truly is and how it is a gift that can not be taken for granted.  Though the memory of their angel will forever be etched in their minds and hearts they somehow strive on. Through sadness and grief they continue to try to conceive another child to hold more than just a little while. God pours out His love again. I admire them because they are the strongest mothers I know. 

Oh, Mother, you are loved! 

I finally come to me. I give God glory, and honor and praise because He has entrusted Nick and I with another precious life after experiencing the loss of three. I am so grateful that we are almost halfway through our pregnancy and that baby is growing healthy and strong. ]I rejoice in the fact that I have been able to relax more this pregnancy in knowing that God has my baby completely in his hands! I find myself remembering my feelings while pregnant with John and how it was struggle daily to believe just that very thing. I worried and agonized over him daily. I tried to control every aspect of my pregnancy and the way I would birth him. I just wanted him safe and here in my arms. I was so afraid and scared, but I never gave up hope, nor my spirit never ceased to somehow push through and trust God with his little life. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and that season was a true testing of my faith. So I sit here thanking you Lord for another that we truly don't deserve!

Ending matter how we have been blessed to become mothers or how we will be blessed to become mothers on this earth...we are women and mothers who are brave, blessed, strong, beautiful and loved by a God who knows our desires and the intricate places of our minds and hearts. My prayer today is for any woman or mother that this post touched that you will rest in the fact that He is a God who gives joy, is good, is always faithful, shows favor, makes all things beautiful and is love. Trust Him.

Blessings and love,

Corey T.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cry It Out?!!

I wanted to write this blog post for the mother's out there that are or have gone through the same issues of their baby not sleeping through the night. Here is my honest take on that and my  experience with the infamous and dreaded "Cry It Out" method, which turned out to be a life saver! My son is almost 10 months old...he has came a long way with night wakings. I does get better. Let this be of some encouragement to you.

We were at our wit's end. Our almost 9 month old little boy...was still not sleeping through the night!!! I say still because out of every mother I have talked to (no lie like 20-25 mothers in a few months time) a total of one had said their baby was still having night wakings and not completely sleeping through the night. Of course....and I will admit...this made me a tad jealous for those of the mothers that are getting a full nights rest before their child's first birthday! I mean c'mon already...I want to get a good nights rest too!! Haven't had that in 9 months...and with baby #2 on the way I now more than ever need a good nights rest!

You may ask, "well...what all have we tried?" We have tried everything. I mean EVERYTHING to train him and get him to sleep through the night. We took every piece of advice we possibly could take...except the dreaded, "Cry It Out" method, which I was totally against and there was no how...way...shape or form, and over my dead body going to allow my son to do (but my thoughts have since changed...will share in a bit).

Here's just some of the things we tried:

With the advice from friends, family and our Pediatrician...we were told to feed him more solids frequently during the day, feed him rice cereal right before bed, put a little rice cereal in his bottle, give him a little bit of Tylenol right before bed (not that I am in to using over the counter meds to help him sleep, but in our defense he had been teething really bad that week), give him a warm bath right before bed, put him to bed earlier, put him to bed later, cut out his nap times, extend one of his nap times, pray about it etc.....I mean you name it we tried it...except this "Cry It Out" method.

When I first heard of this method...I thought it was completely inhumane. I mean who in the world would ever let their child just cry it out! My son makes the slightest whimper and I am running to him. I just can't bare to see him cry much less hear literately breaks. my. heart. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that my heart toughened up...and we gave this method a go.

The story:

I was completely exhausted. I was running on fumes. Sleep deprived, 14 weeks pregnant and getting hardly but 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. My son usually is a pretty good about actually going to sleep. I can put him down in matter of  seconds ok so maybe minutes. He goes down usually between 9-9:30 pm. Sleeps for about 3 hours and then he's up....goes back to sleep for another 2 maybe 3 hours and then he's up...and this repeats until 7:30-8:00 am. when he is all wide eyed and bushy tailed...and I am dragging like a complete zombie to keep my eyes open while feeding him breakfast. So there was this one particular morning...that I had all I could take of not sleeping. I was exhausted beyond all comprehension. I was miserable...and I became someone that I did not like. I threw a huge tantrum much like my son when he gets put in his car seat. I was completely embarrassed in front of my husband...and my dog. Thankfully my son was sleeping during this time which he did not see mommy go psycho. I was at my wits end. I wanted my little man to sleep. I was so frustrated with all of our failed attempts...and even more, in all honesty, I wanted to slap the next mother who told me her baby started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old...or the moment they got home from the hospital. I know that sounds uber mean...and so not nice, but I am being completely transparent here, so please be gentle with my heart. It wasn't till later on that morning I had a conversation with another mother, who is also a close friend, on this issue. She called to talk about something else...and I just couldn't hold it together, and literately broke down crying on the phone to her. I was really broken over this issue. For any mother who knows what I am talking about...let me get an Amen!

 So any who, back to the story. I told her what had been going on for quite some time, all of our failed attempts and frustrations. She preceded to tell me some pretty really wise info and these words, "a happy, well rested mother is what is really best for you and John! He is use to you running in there and getting him every time. So think about what is really best for you and John" (It wasn't till later that night that her words made sense). She then told me how this "Cry It Out" method worked for her and she shared with me how she went about using that method on all three of her children, and because I admire this woman, mother and friend I decided....we needed to do this. Towards the end of the convo she said she would be praying for me that night. Praying that God would give me the strength to do what is best for me and John. I truly thank her and the Lord so much for her encouragement and support and for that conversation that day...because in turn the Lord was preparing me to receive a very important message that that would allow me to learn so much about the heart of God, and being a mother.

So we decided to give it ago.

We put John down around his usual time...and within an hour he was awake. We waited 10 minutes before Nick went in (I just couldn't do it). Those were the longest 10 minutes of my life. For any first time mother I am sure you can relate...hearing your baby cry and saying "maamaa maamaa" stabs you right through the of course I was crying right along with my little man. I am so thankful for Nick...because he definitely is such a strong and level ground for me. I am such an emotional softy. I wanted to so badly to run in there and rescue John, sweep him up in my arms and tell him "it's ok...mommy's here now...mommy no go no where." But, Nick went in...and did such an amazing job. Kept his cool...and told John "it's night night time". He rubbed his back for a minute and then said "I love you", and walked out. Although, John began to wail louder and louder after this, and my heart kept breaking and breaking. After another 15 minutes passed...Nick went back in to reassure John. This repeated on for a good 45 minutes. I finally went and got down my on hands and knees in front of his door and just prayed that God would calm his spirit and put him back to rest...and then I began to whisper these little encouraging words so softly through that door... "C'mon can do this. I know you can...I have faith in you!" And it wasn't until minutes of whispering those encouragements and pleading with the Lord to calm His when God spoke to me.

 He pretty much said this:

"There are times in your own life where I have to let you cry it out. It is what is best for you! I too desperately want to run in and sweep you up and tell you "It's ok...I am here now....I will not go no where." But, there are times in your life...where I am silent and I seem distant. Like I am no where to be found. But I am right there. Just like you are on the other side of that door right now. I have not left. I am still right here quietly, softly and tenderly encouraging you all the while training to get through a certain and particular season. Just like you are tonight with John. I will only give you so much, and only what you can handle, before I will run in and sweep you up and calm the storm, and so it is with John." 

Wow!! God spoke to me in the midst of that all! I didn't think something as letting your children Cry It Out was so important to Him. But we are so important to Him. That was one of the most humbling and beautiful experiences this far of being a mother. Because for the first time in my life...I got a glimpse first hand into the heart of God. He truly sees us as one of His children. Although, we will never ever fully grasp or comprehend in this life time how much He truly loves us! I love John so much and God's love for me and John is a gazillion times more than that?!?! To me that's unfathomable and unsearchable, because I can not fathom not loving John a gazillion times because as far as my human infinite mind can understand or grasp I do love him that much. But, oh how He loves us more! John 3:16, 1 John 3:16, 1 John 4: 9-12, Romans 5:8

So I know you are wondering....did this "Cry It Out" method work? I will say...that after that moment with God about 10 minutes later John did finally fall asleep, and he slept till 5:30 am that morning. Almost 7 hours! So yes...I was unbelievably proud of him and so thankful to God and yes...I do believe it worked! We tried this method several times that week and a couple the following. The nights that we did try it...John did sleep through the night. I will say though the "Cry It Out" method is hugely exhausting (both mentally and emotionally), and takes so much persistence and dedication and its such a disciplining method to do. There were nights where we will let him cry it out...but of  course continuously reassure him that everything is ok every 15 or so minutes until he eventually falls asleep...and then there were nights where its 2 am and I am a walking zombie...and I zombie my way in pick up my little man and put him in bed with us so we can all sleep....minus the CIO method. Once he does I place him back in the crib and usually he will sleep then till the morning. All in all...are babies are so use to us running in there and calming the storm every time. We have to with reassurance, love and a little bit of crying it out let them know its ok...and they can go to sleep on their own. It is what is best for them and for mommy!  So I can honestly and assuredly say that I am totally all for this method! It does work...and prob one of the hardest things I have done thus far as being a mother, but if I can do can do it!

In closing...I will leave all you mother's who may be in my same situation with this...God instills in each of us parents the will, the care and the love to parent our children. Always trust that and trust your parental and motherly instincts. Allow God to help you along the way and listen for His instruction, will and guidance...after all He is the #1 parent of all time. Invite God into every corner of your mothering. He cares and every thing about you and your baby are important to Him! Listen for His voice, and look for moments while mothering and parenting your children where God will give you a glimpse into His is breathtakingly beautiful!!

....and if you are at your wit's end like we were...go ahead and give this method a try. What do you have to loose? Your already loosing sleep so can't loose that! That's for sure :)

My prayer is that you and your little one sleeps in heavenly peace tonight...


Corey T

18 Week Pregnancy Survey!

So excited to be doing this again! I did this last time I was pregnant with John. It's a little pregnancy survey I put together. I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons. First, I think its neat for women and mother's interested in how different each pregnancy can be and to see if they can relate. Lastly, I love recording my answers and then going back to reminisce every once in a while!

About You 
Age: 27
Height: 5'3"
About The Father
Age: 34
Height: 5'7"
About Your Pregnancy 

Is this your first pregnancy:  No, I  had 3 before.
When did you find out you were pregnant: Around 6 weeks 
Was it planned: No, definitely a complete surprise...but a huge blessing!

What was your first reaction: See blog post "Mama's Due with Baby#2"
Who was with you when you found out: No one
Who was the first person you told: Hubby
How far along are you: 18 weeks 1 day
What was your first symptom: Extreme nausea and sore breast
What is your due date: Oct 15th, 2013 
Do you know the sex of the baby: Not yet!! Find out next Thurs!!  
Have you picked out names: Yes!!!
If so, what are they: Will release that soon enough! :)
Do you have stretch marks: None yet. The ones I had with John at end of pregnancy faded already. Strange...but they did. I imagthey won't this time...but it is an honor to bear those marks :) 
Pre-pregnancy & Total weight gain so far: I was 175 before I got pregnant with baby #2! Well...I never lost all my baby weight with John. I lost about 30 of it, but still had 25 to go. (Yes...I gained like 55 pounds with John). None so far this pregnancy! I know...its a miracle.
Symptoms: Round ligament stretching and already having lower back pain. I had horrible back pain with John and had full blown back I imagine that is where labor is going to be for me again. Morning sickness has hit me extremely hard this pregnancy, I had to call in 2 prescriptions for anti-nausea medication. Never had to take that with John. I also have extremely sore breast 24/7 and I have had spotting this pregnancy that I did not have with John either. I have bad headaches, which I did have with John...and little bit of indigestion here and there, but nothing too bad yet.    
Sleep: Oh, its over-rated. Especially with a 10 month old :)
Have you felt the baby move: This baby I felt move at almost 12 weeks. With John it took me till I was 19 weeks pregnant to realize that it wasn't gas, but the baby moving around.
 Cravings: It's like so random. With John, I seriously craved any and everything that came in sight. So far the first thing I craved with this baby is Cucumbers, and onions soaked in apple cider vinegar! taste buds are singing at just the thought. I have also craved this pregnancy different types of drinks. Sweet tea with huge chunks of lemon, and carbonated beverages ie; Cherry Coke and Mt. Dew. I haven't drank these things since high school and I have found myself in the middle of the night dreaming of cracking open an ice cold can of one. I know the caffeine content is not good. But, I definitely try to limit my caffeine intake to one cup of coffee in the morning and carbonated beverage or sweet teas twice a week.   
Belly Button in or out?: 100 % in!
Best Moments this week: Knowing that next Thursday we get to see our little one again, and find out if we are having another prince or our first princess!!!! Seeing John's little milestones like figuring out how the wheels on his toy cars work, and him understanding certain words I say. Also, seeing him interact with grandparents and Nick brings me so much joy!
Have you heard the heartbeat: Yes, so beautiful!
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the gender. Seeing John with his little sibling. Decorating another nursery. Adding another to our family. Holding my little one. Watching John and his sibling grow up together. Being a mom to two!

About the birth 
Home or hospital birth: Hospital 
Natural or medicated birth: Tried for unmediated birth with John...and stuck it out for the longest time. I am not against medicated birth, but it was actually more traumatizing getting the epidural than having labor pains, but after being in labor for 12 hours it was great to finally get a little break with it in. However, it did take 3 different epidurals to finally work. That needle is seriously no joke. This time depending on which way I birth, I will try again to go natural.
Who will be in the delivery room with you: To be honest with you, I was in the twilight zone last time...and couldn't really tell you who was in there. I know Nick was at certain points, but I kept seeing snippets of my mom, grandmother and mother in law. I know I def want Nick in there this time...and whomever else...I just want to labor and get that baby out.
Will you breastfeed:For a while...I will make it a goal of at least 3 months. If I go longer, great...if I don't no biggie.
Do you think you'll need a c-section: Had one with John, and hoping to do a VBAC this time. My Doctor is very supportive and so is hubby. So leaving this one up to the Lord. It's all in His hands. I just want healthy baby and delivery.
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time: Of course
Would you let someone videotape the birth: Um...hecks no.
Are you excited about the birth, or scared?: Anxious...but excited!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mama's due with baby # 2!!!!

***WARNING- To the guys who may follow or read my may want to sit this one out.***

Boy...I haven't blogged in over a month. I guess with a 9 month old who is crawling all over the place, has energy bigger than the state of Texas, hardly sleeping through the night still, now has started to pull himself up onto everything, and being 16 weeks pregnant added to the mix (yes...I'm preggers again!) really zaps my energy to do anything else that is not mandatory. So I made it a goal to sit down this morning during John's morning nap to update everyone on our journey to pregnancy with our second little miracle blessing! Mama's due with baby number 2!!! Due Oct 15th!

The story:

This was a huge and total shock to us...definitely a blessing...but definitely a shock too! I will openly admit that when I first found out for a few days I was in denial. Our son was only 6 1/2 months at the time when I found out, and I literately just quit my banking  job 2 weeks prior to stay home full-time with him. Nick and I had talked about wanting to have our children close know....maybe 2 -3 years apart....but 15 months apart is not what we dreamed or anticipated, but apparently God did!!! (John and baby #2's due dates are exactly 15 months apart!!). So when the two pink lines (although second line was a bit faint) showed up on the test heart immediately started racing, and then I totally second guessed it. Second guessed it so much that I didn't even say anything to Nick about it for a few days...because I wanted to be 100 % sure.  Lol...and from previous experience with taking these test when finding out I was pregnant with John...I should of known that a line is a line, no matter how faint! So I tested again a few days later...and low and behold that second line was uber dark!!!

A little background info:

It took Nick and I almost a year to get pregnant with John and several miscarriages. One that left us devastated and crushed because we found out it was twins. We went through an incredible emotional, physical and spiritual journey to have John, and I say it was incredible because God was incredibly present throughout all of it...all the way up until John was born...because his birthday was exactly to the day that a year earlier we had miscarried with the twins. Only God could orchestrate timing like that...and although I will never forget my precious little angel babies that I never got to hold or name on this earth and in this life time...God gave us pure joy back in the midst of our sorrow exactly a year later when he blessed us with the most sweet spirited little boy, our son, John! 

So...I had been tracking my cycles since upon having John because they seemed very fickle and a little out of wack! I always had pretty accurate and on point cycles. But, seemed repetitious enough to know when I was ovulating and thought we were in the clear (for the record...I was not on any birth control because I am way overly sensitive to hormones. I have been through several different methods...and lets just say that in order to save me from being on the 8th floor of the psychiatric ward, we decided to stick to rain coats for a bit until I was ready to try some other methods again). Well apparently the month we fell pregnant with baby #2 my charting was way off. I was due to start the menses in a few days or so I thought, and hubby and I were caught up in the moment...and you know....waaaalaaaa. Bam! God created life! 

When I finally told Nick that I was pregnant...he seriously thought I was joking. I showed him the test and he still thought I was pulling his leg. Finally his cheeks got flushed and he said the most funniest thing but with so much sincerity and with a quiver in his voice that I couldn't help but bust out laughing.... "well...I guess a dab will do ya!" So he definitely took it with stride, but of course I panicked for a bit knowing my two children's age differences and the fact my 9 month old is barely sleeping through the night and upon most mornings I feel like a complete walking zombie. But, God created life...He is the giver and author of it. He created mothers and fathers too and He will instill in me and Nick just like every other mother and father before us with two little ones so close in age...the will, strength and love to do this! So once I got my bearings and all of that sunk in we were over the moon full of joy and excitement! 
God created life again inside me...what a gift and what an honor and we are so ever grateful! He is forming and fashioning this little one so preciously and secretively in my womb. What a beautiful thing to trust in and know. My heart is already expanding so much in love and I can't wait to be a mother of two!!!
So we haven't found out the gender 100 % yet! I say that because at our 12 week screening the ultrasound tech said that from the looks to her, "it definitely looks like a girl" however to wait till my doctor confirms that. So we are waiting and anticipating for the next 2 1/2 weeks to get that confirmed! Hubby really wants a girl, and of course I would love that too...however I just want a healthy baby, delivery and pregnancy! So I will take boy or girl...but will admit that it will be kind of nice seeing excessive amounts of PINK around this house :)

So there's the update and a little story of how baby Trav # 2 came to be! I def will update everyone as soon as we find out the gender...and as far as names go...we have 2 we are sitting on for a girl and if it is a boy we have that name already established. So I can't wait to share the gender news and put a sweet name to our baby soon!

Please keep us in your prayers for a healthy baby and pregnancy! Oh and would be so sweet if you could please pray that my son sleeps through the entire night real soon real soon. :)



Corey T.