Saturday, March 29, 2014

How beautiful.....

How beautiful are my daughter's feet! So blessed by them this evening....let me explain...

She takes her feet and kicks them rapidly, and then grabs her precious little toes with her tiny hands. I cup her feet into my own hands and give them little kisses and she just grins and grins. I wiggle her little pinky toe and her face just lights up. I sit back and smile as I continue to watch her playing with her newly discovered little body part, and as I'm watching my mind starts to wonder about her little feet and where in fact they will go some day. I wonder...what purpose will they serve in this great big world? Will they be running the halls of a emergency room, or will they be standing in front of a chalkboard dry erase board as she writes mathematical equations, scientific definitions, or teaching a child to write his name for the first time. I wonder what floors will they walk on, and what cities and countries will she step foot in? Will her feet have rhythm? Will they learn how to 2 step or do the cupid shuffle? Will they be beautifully wrapped up in ballerina shoes, or will she wear combat boots like I did? Oh, what will her toe nail polish of choice be, and will she love high heels, or will she be more of a flip flop girl?  I wonder if she will love running barefoot and fancy free in the summer grass, or the spring rain, and what size will they grow into? 

But, most of all...will her feet bring the Good News? The Good News of Jesus? Will they run as fast as they can carrying her towards the arms of such a sweet Savior? Will her feet dance as she worships her Lord? Will they be quick to help those in need and will they be ready to serve Him in a moment's notice? I wonder when they get tired, what will they be tired from? I pray that they are tired at the end of the day from serving and loving on those who are weak and need a hand, and from pacing the floors in her home as she serves joyfully her family with every single step. Will they be willing to go places that no one else will go, and will they be ready and willing to always go comfort a friend? 

How beautiful are my daughter's feet.

I pray that God's word will always be the lamp unto them, and that they long to be planted firmly in Christ, on the solid rock of Jesus, and when she get's to heaven one day, I simply can not wait for her feet to be standing on His Holy Ground. <3

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!” Romans 10:15

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Eulogy

Last night our Pastor in our life group asked us a pretty thought provoking question that has been echoing in my mind all night, "what would people say about you at your funeral and about the life you lived here on earth?"

Ultimately...what would your Eulogy entail...or what would you like for it to entail?

...and so it got me thinking...

Would they say she was a woman of great faith? Or a woman who doubted God quite often? A mother who sacrificed a career to stay home with her kids or a stay at home mom who stayed too busy...too busy for her kids? A wife who prayed and encouraged her husband daily, or one that caused him many burdens? A friend who forgave and loved at all times, or one who hardly ever reached out? A giver more than a taker? A defender of God's Word or one who misused it in vain? A Christian who was sold out for Jesus, or just only on Sundays and special occasions? What about one who served others out of a cheerful willingness or one that served out of grumbling? The girl who knew her worth was found in Christ alone or in what Glamour magazine and what Vogue said, and lastly, would they say she was a person who loved God with all her heart?

and so I started thinking some more....what would I want people to say about me? What would my Eulogy entail? So this is what I came up with...

My Eulogy

We are gathered here today to celebrate the homecoming and the life of Corey Travaglini. A humble woman of great faith who truly was the Proverbs 31 and the Titus 2 woman. Corey, was a stay at home mom who loved her kids and wanted them to know the love of Jesus more than anything. She poured that into them daily. She was such an encourager of the word to her family and honored, respected and loved her husband and children deeply. Her husband, Nick, said "she was always uplifting me, building me up and was such an amazing helpmate. She really was the hands and feet of Jesus in our home." Corey, always put her family first.

Corey, was a kind, compassionate woman who lived life with arms wide open and in complete and absolute abandon to God. She was a woman of virtue who practiced patience and was quick to forgive others when they wronged her. She loved to laugh, and could find the beauty, laughter and the sunny side in just about anything. She had such a big heart for women and for people in general, and she wanted them to know more than anything where their worth was found. That is was found in Jesus and not in what this world says it sound be found in. She struggled greatly with this same thing and wanted to make it an aim in her struggle to encourage others in this as well.

Many of Corey's friends would say,"Corey, was the best friend I ever had! She was always there when I needed her. She was a shoulder to soak your tears on, to lean on, and always knew how to cheer us up with laughter and her quirky sense of humor." Corey loved making friends, and she befriended those that desperately needed a friend, because she said that Jesus was a friend to all and the greatest friend she ever had. She was just so easy to be friends with. She forgave quickly, was so honest, trustworthy and would keep other's accountable for she desperately wanted accountability herself.

Lastly, Corey, was a godly woman who was completely sold out for Christ. She hungered and truly thirsted for righteousness and His truth. She was a defender of God's word and absolutely loved to study it. She prayed her way through any and all things, and was always giving thanks in all things. Her passion was for God's truth, His love and the Gospel. She wanted to be used by God so much to do great things for His kingdom. She ultimately wanted everyone to know who Jesus was and to reach as many people as she could for Him.

In closing, Corey, leaves us with a legacy of love, of great faith, with a zeal and a zest for life and a hunger to love God more, your children more, your spouse more...people more. The desire to let the light of Jesus just radiate the world and to keep running this race called life with endurance and with absolute hope in Christ.

These are my heart's greatest desires...this is what I hope my eulogy would entail one day! I'm not perfect and fail daily at all these things and then some, but I am a work in progress and so thankful that God is not finished with me yet. He is moment by moment guiding me and daily molding me into the woman, wife, mother and friend that He wants me to be, that He has called me to be and that I long to be. I pray that one day when God calls me home...He calls me faithful and says, "Corey, well done my precious daughter".

Writing this Eulogy has been such an eye opener and has actually been much needed. It is a reminder to what I need to focus on more in life and what I need to make more time for.

What would your eulogy entail? What are your heart's desires? Feel free to write your own, and share! I would love to read it!

"He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8