Monday, July 28, 2014

For purpose...on purpose!

Within the last couple weeks God has really been showing me so much how He equips each of His people with differ gifts, desires and talents within His Church to function properly, and to carry out His will, work and purpose in the world. I stand amazed!

I mean seriously think about it.....

We have teachers, and preachers. Leaders, and entrepreneurs. Managers, business owners, organizers, and book keepers. Writers, and bankers. Care takers and hospitality workers. Prayer warriors, the mentors, bible scholars, artist and the musicians. We have entertainers, the comedians, the merciful and wise. The techie's, custodians,sub-contractors, and equipment handlers. There is always the encouragers, administrators, the humble and the healers. We have the discerners, and the givers. People who prophesize and people who evangelize. The protectors, the peace makers, the money handlers, the cookers, the homemakers, the bloggers, the crafters....

....I could go on for days.

Isn't it amazing all the different people in the Church that God uses?! 1 Corinthians tells us "we have different kinds of gifts but the same Spirit, and different kinds of service, but the same Lord." We all have something so different and unique to us to give to serve our one great God!

What gifts or talents or desires has God given you or equipped you with? Are you using those to help build up your local church? Your communities? This world? God has given you and gifted you with purpose....on purpose. You have something to give. You serve a purpose in this world. You have been given a gift(s), a talent(s), passions, desires and dreams.

Don't keep them to yourself.

If you are not sure what you have or God has given you.....pray about them! Ask God to reveal them to you and make them firm and known. Also, seek out the spiritual leaders, mentors and the prayer warriors in your church to pray over you and to help guide you in knowing what special and unique gifts, talents and passions God has given and equipped you with or what area of service He is calling you to serve Him in. Also, just volunteer somewhere! Anywhere in the church, and in your community. God will show you what you have a passion for if you just step out and serve Him somewhere.

Lastly, We need you! We need what God has given you to help build up the Church and to carry out His will. Don't ever think you have nothing to have so much to give because God made you and created you for PURPOSE on purpose and He has given us so much through CHRIST!

So let Him use you. On purpose!

We all serve a purpose. We all have something to give.

1 Corinthians 12