Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So this week has basically started and its already been bittersweet so far. Within the last couple of days we have celebrated new life, mourned death, and in turn celebrated eternal life! Through all of these sweet bitter sweet events one word has really been echoing in my mind.

the word Legacy

This word comes to mind when I think about the passing of my husband's sweet grandfather and I think about what a tremendous legacy he left behind. The legacy of love, faithfulness, servant-hood and Christ for his family and friends. Legacy also comes to mind when I think about my girlfriends who recently gave birth this week to their precious newborns. These tiny little beings are just getting started in this big ole world and will one day leave their own little legacy's behind. (If they are anything like their mother I know they will leave such a sweet and beautiful mark on this world.)


I have been thinking about my legacy this week. The mark I will leave behind for my children and grand-children, and my family and friends. Man, that's some deep stuff when you think about it.

Singer Nicole Nordeman has a beautiful song out called "Legacy" (It's not new, a few years old now). If you have never heard it please youtube, itune, icloud it...however you download media these days....just listen to it. Because it's beautiful. The chorus says this, "I want to leave a legacy, how will they remember me? Did I choose to love? Did I point to you enough to make a mark on things? I want to leave an offering. A child of mercy and grace, who blessed your name unapologetically, and leave that kind of legacy."

I don't know about you, but that's the kind of legacy I'd love to leave behind. To leave this kind of mark on my family, children and friends, neighbors and people who knew me. The mark that I choose to love. That I pointed them to Christ, and that I loved mercy and was gracious to others. That I blessed and glorified His name unashamed and without apologizing for it.

How beautiful!

I pray that in those moments where I choose not to love or to be gracious to others or moments where I struggled to find mercy that I will be reminded of the legacy that I want to leave behind...because I want it all to reflect Him.

What about you? What type of legacy do you want to leave behind?

Share and comment your thoughts.

Monday, August 4, 2014

~Mommy and Me~

For all the moms who went to bed tonight wondering if they did a good enough job at loving on and raising their little ones today any day...this one is for you. You are doing great mama! 

Keep up the great work!  

~Mommy and Me~

Burdened and weary is she, she drawls a bath for her little mini me.
As tiny hands splash in the rising suds, water turns to a cloudy mud.

She catches her reflection before the water drains. A sweet summer hope,
has turned to a wondering autumn rain.

With tear-filled eyes she towels him dry, and turns her cheek before he can see her cry.

She tucks him in tight, and turns out the light. Forgetting once
again to help him say his prayers this night.

She walks out of his room and softly closes the door and then looses it
and inches her way down towards the floor.

It was then that she heard his sweet little voice whisper and say...

God, I love you and thank you for this day today.

I had a fun time with mommy, but we always have fun.
Let me tell you all the fun things we have done.

First we stayed in our pajamas, most of the day,
but honestly I kind of like it that way.

We pretended we were inside, sick with the flu, and then we hopped on our
broom horses and galloped away to the land of Cock a doodle do.

Mommy told the best stories, and we both loved watching cartoons.
She even shared some of her chocolate candy before lunch this afternoon.

After our lunch of nothing, but pickles and cheese we went out side to climb a few trees.
We then played a couple rounds of hide and go seek, and I loved it when she
splashed with me in the creek.

Mommy is the best because she let me muddy up my pajamas outside, and
then we built a popsicle fort and made our very own slip n slide.

We came inside late and she made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner.
I finished my plate first, mommy said I was the winner!

She brought me upstairs after dinner for my bath,
and I had fun watching her giggle as I turned into a sea giraffe.

But, I noticed something was not quite right after the water begun to drain.
I saw a few tears fall from her cheeks and they left a little stain.

I am not sure what happened or why she is so sad,
because today God was seriously the best day I ever had!

So please hug my mom tight, and dry her cheeks for me
because tomorrow is another fun day, another fun day with just mommy and me!

So mommy, yes you mommy, whoever, wherever you are. I hope you read this poem 
and it touched your weary heart. Just know that our children don't expect much from us. 
They just want all of our unconditional love, our presence and our trust. <3

~ by: Corey Travaglini